Price Benowitz Criminal Defense Practice Group

Here at Price Benowitz, our criminal defense attorneys are dedicated to serving clients with passion and professionalism.  We understand that facing criminal charges can be stressful, alienating, and confusing, and we’re here to guide and protect those we serve, always striving for the best possible outcome under the circumstances.

Our Approach

Every case is different, which is why our lawyers take the time to understand the particulars of every case we take.  A “One-size-fits-all” approach to criminal defense does not suffice when people’s freedom, careers, and reputations are on the line.  As such, the attorneys at our law firm go out of their way to take a client-centered approach to each case.  As a private law firm with many attorneys and resources, we make sure that each case gets treated like our number-one priority, keeping in constant contact and providing clients with updates on their case as they arise. Our defense attorneys have defended clients from many different walks of life including CEO’s, professional athletes, attorneys, lawyers, and government employees. We understand the implications a criminal charge can have on an individual’s life, and strive to protect their interests throughout the process of a criminal case.

Another benefit of working with a private law firm like ours is the fact that we have private investigators who help our attorneys gather information that can help you in court or during a plea negotiation.  This, paired with our lawyers’ intimate knowledge of the local court system, gives our clients confidence that their attorney is prepared and knows how to defend their rights and interests at all times.

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Security Clearance and Background Checks

We understand that the stress and frustration of criminal charges can be compounded when your livelihood depends on your security clearance and clean background checks. Many of our clients have worked for the government or government contractors, where any criminal record can jeopardize your employment. We are sensitive to these issues and sympathize with these concerns.

For this reason, we are dedicated to working with our clients to help them seek a resolution to their case that takes these interests into account. We understand that different clients have different needs and goals, and we give our clients the attention they deserve to help minimize the impact of criminal charges on their life.

Our Practice

The lawyers at Price Benowitz have a great deal of experience defending clients against a wide spectrum of criminal charges.  From simple traffic charges to major felony or federal cases, our attorneys have what it takes to get results for our clients.  We have criminal defense teams based in the District of Columbia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia so that we can serve people in need on both sides of the Capital Beltway.